Sunday, 21 September 2014

Boys, Flowers and Men

So it's been a while since I last wrote a post. And this was supposed to be done by Ms. R's birthday as a gift of sorts but took several weeks. Still drum roll for public service announcement No. 2 (for No. 1 go here)!

And since I have been rattling around Singapore and surrounds taking in posters, magazine covers and movies, this time let's list East Asia's hottest men.The men because if it was East Asia's hottest I would have spammed the post with 30 pictures of Gong Li - all hail the Goddess:)

So here we go. Apologies for some non-credited excellent gifs.

1. Like R and I didn't even need to go east of India to know that Tony Leung is AWESOME SAUCE and a shoo-in for this list. Let's just put In the Mood for Love and Chungking Express on a perpetual viewing loop and take Tony where we want 4EVA!



2. And speaking of Chungking Express - Ms R's favourite film - everyone but everyone has Takeshi Kaneshiro on the hottest lists. Obligatory excellent gifs below:


3. Hullo Taipei boy! Confirmation that no one can play charming/wounded slacker as well as Ryo Kase.

Plus Hiroshi tops the sweet and suave fictional airmen list. I know that list doesn't exist but it is TOTALLY NEEDED so we can fill points 1 to 10 with Hiroshi in his excellent uniform.

Restless (2011)
4. So I have never seen Godfrey Gao in anything but I have seen his pictures around these parts a fair few times and let us just say he looks THRILLINGLY GOOD. And judging by gif 2 knows it.


5. This guy goes by the name T.O.P. But don't let that put you off.  Or bother with the music. Known for being as modest as a Victorian girl, the fangirls get excited at the sight of a bare arm. In a sea of six packs, T.O.P here scores with a suit and occasionally blue hair.

6. How can a list be complete without a kkotminam aka flower boy?! And while there are so many of them let us go with a certain Lee Min Ki who was the star of a fictional flower boy band. Called Eye Candy of course.  As for guyliner - no big deal - Tam grooms were rocking it from way before!



7. But if flower boys are not your thing, turn to Korean cinema which is populated with ordinary, rough tough blokes. If it has Ha Jung-woo, expect acting skills and a Javier Bardem deja vu. In my books, an ENTIRELY GOOD THING.

8.  He may not be the ikemen of ikemens but MatsuJun is kind of perfect for the pretty, arrogant boys of mangas [Boys Over Flowers, Shitsuren Chocolatier].

Plus he was in the ultimate pretty pet - er - boy fantasy, Kimi Wa Petto.


9. Coffee Prince! I guess you can't go terribly wrong if like Gong Yoo here you started out as a 6 ft model. I mean I would watch the hell out of a video segment where he did nothing else but model classy clothes.


10. Have to have a manga character right! Let's go with genius oddball, ultimate Scrooge, man of mystery, Oscar winner and if required capable of being a rock god Shinobu Morita!

Though I might be showing my age because it is Morita as a young boy who is adorable and KAWAII! I feel a nephew mood coming on....

BONUS: Want to go vintage? No one better than Sessue Hayakawa. Like literally smoking hot.

And want to be really really au courant?! None better than poster boys of the region (like on things everywhere)

Lee Min Ho; and

Kim Soo Hyun.


OK now lets's talk about Gong Li  & Tony Leung and why did their movie NOT HAPPEN! I guess it is all for the better because total hotness=all round combustion.

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